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If you have ever forgotten to pay a bill, lost your birth certificate, or were embarrassed by the piles of paper on your counter when a friend stopped by, I can relate. 

Nearly 20 years ago, I found myself struggling to figure out how to manage my own paper. I wanted to stop drowning in the ever-growing piles of paperwork, bills, lists, and every scrap of paper that landed on my kitchen counter. My piles had piles and I couldn’t find anything! I was completely overwhelmed by the mess of paper and I was unable to keep up. I finally got fed up and found a way to take control of my home through organization. 

My life was so transformed that I knew I had to share the process with others and created the Sunday Basket ®. The Sunday Basket ® is a system that will help you to take back control of your home. You will get your kitchen counter paper, mail, and actionable to-do’s organized. The Sunday Basket frees your mind from worrying that things will get done and allows you to focus your energy on what you need to get done. As you create the home organization habit of processing your Sunday Basket ® each week, you will get five extra hours each week to spend doing what you are uniquely created to do. 

I will give you the tools and teaching you need to learn the skills of organization. I am a functional organizer so your final product will not be "Pinterest perfect" (though the Sunday Basket® is super cute!) Functional organizing is my goal and I want to teach you how to get your paper organized! The Sunday Basket® is the foundation of all your organization and the launch pad of your transformation. 

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Fill your Sunday Basket with all of the random papers, notes, mail and to do's cluttering your kitchen counters and floating around your house.


On Sunday Sort your actionable papers (those that need attention) from your archive papers (those that can be filed).

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Repeating these same steps week after week with give you a new cadence to your to dos, a place to store your ideas and save you 5 hours each week in executing your most important tasks.


Use colored slash pockets to store your ongoing projects, ideas & dreams. Each project has it's own folder you can add to each week, carry with you for appointments and serves as a reminder of the big projects you want to tackle that can get lost in your piles.

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Are you ready to create a lasting system for the paperwork and to-do’s that clutter your kitchen counter tops and your mind?

The Sunday Basket ® will:

Collect incoming paperwork

Hold everything until you have time to process each item

Help you to plan your week for maximum efficiency

Keep your papers at your fingertips so you can take action on them

Teach you the skills of organization for paper




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    Weekly LIVE Sunday Basket Club

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    NEW Physical Sunday Basket in the color of your choice

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    Set of (20) -2.0 monochromatic slash pockets

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    On Demand Workshop training videos

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Lisa Woodruff is a home organization expert, productivity specialist, and inspirational speaker. Both of her published books, The Mindset of Organization and How ADHD Affects Home Organization, have been Amazon best sellers for months at a time in their categories.

Lisa teaches functional organizing and is often caught quoting, “done is better than perfect” and “progress over perfection.” Lisa’s sensible and do-able organizing tasks appeal to multiple generations. Her candor and relatable style make you feel she is right there beside you, helping you get organized as you laugh and cry together.

Lisa believes organization is not a skill you are born with. It is a skill that is developed over time and changes with each season of life.  Lisa has helped thousands of women reclaim their homes and finally get organized with her practical tips, encouragement, and humor through her blog and podcast at Organize365.com.